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Abp Auza's statement on crisis in Venezuela

Archbishop Bernardito Auza  - RV

Archbishop Bernardito Auza - RV

21/06/2017 10:36

(Vatican Radio) Archbishop Bernardito Auza, United Nations Permanent Observer at the UN, has reiterated that the crisis in Venezuela must be answered with serious and sincere negotiations between the parties concerned.

In a statement to the General Assembly of the organization of American States taking place in Cancun, Mexico,  the Archbishop said since the beginning of the crisis, the Pope, the Vatican Secretary of State and the Venezuelan Bishops' Conference have on several occasions called upon institutions and political forces, to listen to the voice of the people and defend the common good.

Referring to a letter by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin from  December 1, 2016, the path to seeking a peaceful solution, the Nuncio observes , can be promoted through negotiation in a number of areas, such as a path that leads to free and transparent elections, measures to provide humanitarian aid. In the letter of 2016, the Archbishop adds, the Secretary of State also urges measures to be taken involving the release of political prisoners.

Archbishop Auza notes that the recent government's decision to convene a Constituent Assembly, instead of helping to solve problems, can complicate the situation and jeopardize the democratic future of the country. He concludes that, it is, however, appreciated that a group of countries in the region or, possibly, other continents chosen by both the government and the opposition, may negotiate as guarantors.

21/06/2017 10:36