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Courage/EnCourage annual conference to open in US

Courage logo and Executive Director, Fr. Philip Bochanski - RV

Courage logo and Executive Director, Fr. Philip Bochanski - RV

25/07/2017 14:07

(Vatican Radio) The annual conference of the international apostolate, Courage, which ministers to Catholics who experience same-sex attraction and are interested in living Christian lives, is being held this week at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Il., in the United States.

Conference participants have the opportunity to attend talks on various topics, including pastoral ministry, psychology, and understanding family members and loved ones who experience same-sex attraction.

Included among the speakers will be Daniel Mattson, Courage member, and author of the book: Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace; Bishop Frank Caggiano, of Bridgeport, Ct., where Courage headquarters is located; Andrew and Annette Comiskey, co-founders of Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries; Matt Fradd, founder of The Porn Effect; and Fr. Paul Scalia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Courage International.

The Executive Director of Courage International, Fr. Philip Bochanski, says, “This event is always a moment of grace for our members and chaplains, as we renew old friendships and make new ones. The spirit of fellowship and support is palpable, and the time we spend praying, learning and growing together will bear much fruit throughout the year.”

Courage chaplains and other clerics interested in the Courage ministry are invited to attend a special day of study, free of charge, on July 26th, the day before the opening of the general conference.

The study day will explore anthropological and psychological aspects of same-sex attraction and ministry to people who experience it, and will feature talks on the medical side of transgenderism. Talks are also scheduled on preaching and other aspects of spiritual care, with a view to helping pastors recognize and meet the particular spiritual needs of persons living with same-sex attraction.

Click below to listen to our conversation with Courage President, Fr. Philip Bochanski

25/07/2017 14:07