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Venezuelan conductor's US tour cancelled

Venezuelan Conductor Gustavo Dudamel - AP

Venezuelan Conductor Gustavo Dudamel - AP

22/08/2017 08:16

(Vatican Radio) The curtain has come down on the Venezuelan Conductor, who dared to speak out against the turmoil in his Country.  James Blears reports about a cancellation of note.


Gustavo Dudamel confirms the US Tour, with him at the helm of Venezuela`s National Youth Orchestra is sunk.  He`s the Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Simon Bolivar Symphany Orchestra of Venezuela, and the problem is connected to disharmony back home.   During the anti government demonstrations he appealed to the Venezuelan Government to heed the people.

Since May he`s also criticised the Constituent Assembly in thought, vote and reality, via the Spanish and US Press.  This has not gone unnoticed and a nettled President Nicolas Maduro,  criticised Dudamel for abandoning his country by living abroad.  Now the President`s Office has cancelled the Youth Orchestara`s four concerts within the United States in Sepetmber.

Dudamel who`s heartstrings have been muted, describes  the decision as heartbreaking commenting: "We will continue to play for a better Venezuela and a better World."



22/08/2017 08:16