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Pope Francis travelling entertainers: “The vocation of your life and work is Joy”

Pope Francis - AFP

Pope Francis - AFP

15/09/2017 12:03

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday met with the Italian National Association of travelling show people, telling them that “theirs is a path that is enlightened by faith.”

Listen to our report:

“The vocation of your life and work is Joy” that is what Pope Francis told travelling circus performers, employees of amusement parks and fairs, street performers, artists, designers puppeteers, and musicians when he met them on Friday in the Vatican.

The Pope said, “I think if we go back to the origins of each of your shows, your caravans, we always find someone , a grandfather, a grandmother, a great-grandfather, who is passionate about this kind of show, he has felt a joyful vocation , and for this reason he/she was willing to make great sacrifices.”

The Holy Father noted that theirs is a path that is enlightened by faith, a faith, he said, “ that you live especially in the family, and this is very important: the family travelling with God, animated by trust in providence.

During the encounter, Pope Francis invited those present to draw close to the sacraments and make time for prayer.

Reiterating comments he made last year for the Jubilee for Circus and Travelling Show People, the Pope reminded them that they were,"artisans of festivities, wonder, and beauty, called to nourish feelings of hope and trust."

“Your vocation is a mission the Holy Father said, “the mission of offering people, children, but also adults and the elderly, opportunities for healthy, clean fun. And within this vocation and mission, how can there not be the hand of God?”


(Lydia O'Kane)
15/09/2017 12:03