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Bishop: ‘Communion should lead to commitment’

Caritas Philippines - RV

Caritas Philippines - RV

23/09/2017 13:26

“Communion should lead us to commitment, so that what we have learned may find beneficial fruits” said the National director of Caritas Philippines on Friday launching its 24 “Change Projects” of personal and community transformation at the Astoria Plaza. 

CBCP National Secretariat for Social Action (NASSA)/Caritas Philippines national director Archbishop Rolando Tria Tirona, in his video message during the launching of the program said, “Communion should lead us to commitment, so that what we have learned may find beneficial fruits …And we can only do so when we commit our time our talent … to what is noble, what is good, what is true as demanded by the Gospel,”

Archbishop Tirona who also heads the Archdiocese of Caceres in Bicol, lauded the NASSA/Caritas Philippines’ 14-month long Lead to Heal leadership program, which trained 24 social action leaders to initiate change in how their respective dioceses do social action work and reminded the faithful that communion demands commitment.

 “Lead to Heal empowers us first to be agents of communion and this is the call of the Church today to be in communion with our communities, especially among the poor,” he added.

He called on some 200 attendees to become “constant visionaries” and said that  we need visionary leaders, leaders who see beyond what is the now… what is the best for our people…what is achievable… what will transform us and make us a better nation.

The 24 leaders of the Lead to  Heal program, who dared to be the change and make the change they want to see in their communities were able to share stories about their “change projects” across 4 conversation platforms:

Formation of leaders and strengthening volunteerism;

Citizenship and participation as a way to sustainability;

Rekindling faith through positive collaboration; and

Institutionalizing humanitarian responses and sustainable development

“Lead to Heal”  the 14-month transformational leadership program aimed at strengthening the leadership and social innovation skills of the diocesan social action directors, personnel and staff of NASSA/Caritas Philippines through 4 leadership modules, which included public narrative of the leadership journey and change projects at the end of the program. (CBCP)

23/09/2017 13:26