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Malawi’s Vice President promotes Catholic Bible

Malawi Vice President, Dr. Chilima, promotes Catholic Bible  - RV

Malawi Vice President, Dr. Chilima, promotes Catholic Bible - RV

08/11/2017 16:27

Malawi’s Republican Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Chilima in his capacity as the Catholic Bishops’ goodwill ambassador for the New Catholic Answer Bible recently took time-off his official schedule to encourage Catholics to develop a reading culture of the Holy Bible.

The Vice President praised the New Catholic Answer Bible.

“This Bible is so special. Of course, it doesn’t differ from other Bibles only that this one was designed to make life easier. In it, there are 88 question and answers with reference verses as well. So, don’t hesitate but make sure that you have a copy. If you are in a family, make sure that every family member has his/her own Bible,” Dr. Chilima said.

Dr. Chilima made the remarks at a parish in Police Headquarters, St. Ignatius’ Area-30 Catholic Church in the capital, Lilongwe. He was visiting the parish frequented mostly by men and women in uniform. The parish Eucharistic celebration was preceded by a Church fundraising initiative at which the Vice President also officiated.

According to Dr Chilima, Catholics should be conversant with their faith and ready to address some of the difficult questions that people especially those from other denominations frequently ask.

“It is sad to note that many Catholics fail to respond to various conflicting questions about our Mother Church. Some (people) ask us why we celebrate Mass and why we pray the Rosary among other (questions). All these can best be answered if we read the Bible which has all the answers to this effect,” he said.

He added, “In fact, Catholics do not worship the Saints and Angels in heaven, rather we honour or venerate them because they are worth a great honour as per Biblical distinction,” said the Dr. Chilima.

Dr. Chilima said the New Catholic Answer Bible, promoted by the Pastoral Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) is unique as it answers and provides references to all tough questions on the Catholic faith.

Chairman of St. Ignatius Parish Council, Mr. Joseph Chambuluka commended the Vice President for sparing his time to pray with fellow Catholics.

“We don’t take your coming to this parish for granted. We know your schedule is tight but you normally spare time to unite with fellow Catholics and pray with them,” the Parish Chairman said.

Fr. Steven Likhucha, Chaplain for Malawi Police Service and Parish Priest at St. Ignatius also hailed the Vice President for being a proud Catholic and role model to many.

“Your acceptance of the Bishops’ call for you to be a goodwill ambassador for the New Catholic Answer Bible, only shows how committed you are to your Church. We are glad that you are always available when we need you,” said Fr. Likhucha.

Dr. Chilima was appointed the Catholic New Answer Bible Ambassador by Malawi’s Catholic Bishops.

Our Sunday Visitor describes the New Catholic Answer Bible as unique. It “is the scripturally based answers to questions about Catholic beliefs and practices. From Where Did the Bible Come From? And Are the Seven Sacraments in the Bible? To Are Catholics "Born Again"? And Why Do Catholic Bibles Have Seventy-three Books? Eighty-eight diverse topics answer tough questions Catholics are asked through full-color inserts,” Our Sunday Visitor says.

(Prince Henderson in Lilongwe, Malawi)

08/11/2017 16:27