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Halfway through the AIDS conference in Melbourne

Halfway through the HIV-AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia

AIDS 2014: Closing the gap in the fight against HIV infections

23/07/2014 16:40

Half way through the International AIDS conference taking place this week in Melbourne, Australia, participants are focusing on how to help the people and places most vulnerable to new HIV infections

Aids Conference 2014

Aids Conference 2014

Aids Conference pays tribute to dead delegates

20/07/2014 19:17

Sunday saw the somber kick-off of the 20th International AIDS Conference taking place until July 25th in Melbourne, Australia. 6 delegates to that conference as well as many participants were amongst those killed in the Malaysian Airlines crash over Ukraine.


Catholic Pre-Conference in Melbourne

Catholic Pre-Conference in Melbourne

Catholic HIV-AIDS experts prepare to 'Step up in Faith'

16/07/2014 16:52

‘Stepping up in faith’ is the theme of a conference which opens in Melbourne, Australia on Friday bringing together Catholic experts in the fields of prevention, diagnosis and care of those living with HIV and AIDS.