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drug dependency

Pope Francis (file photo).

Pope Francis. In a message to a Vatican conference on the issue of narcotics, released on Thursday, the Holy Father called drug dependancy a new form of slavery.

Pope Francis: Drug addiction ‘new form of slavery’

24/11/2016 12:33

Drug addiction is a ‘new form of slavery’ and a ‘wound in our society’ which should be combatted with education and rehabilitation. That was Pope Francis’ message to a Vatican conference called ‘Narcotics: Problems and Solutions of this Global Issue.'

Drug users undergoing rehabilitation at a Center for Christian Recovery, Antipolo, Philippines September 12, 2016.

Drug users undergoing rehabilitation hold copies of the Bible while reciting prayers as part of their regular activities inside a Center for Christian Recovery in Antipolo, Philippines September 12, 2016.

Filipino bishops: Attacks on life "cry to heaven for divine justice"

16/09/2016 10:03

The Bishops have condemned the escalation of violence in the country, which has claimed 3500 deaths in the last ten weeks. The statement released Thursday calls them "sins that harm the dignity of the human person"