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Pope Francis waves to the crowds in Philadelphia from the popemobile

Pope Francis waves to the crowds in Philadelphia from the popemobile

'Vatican Weekend' for 27 September , 2015

27/09/2015 19:16

(Vatican Radio) On 'Vatican Weekend' for 27 September, 2015 we shine the spotlight on the final leg of the Apostolic journey of Pope Francis to Cuba and the United States. One  which has taken him to the US city of  Philadelphia to attend the 8th 'World Meeting of Families'.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Lombardi: Pope meets with 5 abuse survivors in Philadelphia

27/09/2015 15:51

Pope Francis met on Sunday with three women and two men who had been sexually abused as children. The half hour meeting took place early in the morning at the St Charles Borromeo seminary in Philadelphia on the last day of the Pope’s visit to the United States. 


Pope Francis

Pope Francis greets couples speaking about the joys and hardships of family life

Pope presides at Philadelphia's celebration of family life

27/09/2015 03:51

Pope Francis participated in a great gathering of families on Saturday evening in Philadelphia, host city of the World Meeting of Families, for a vigil of prayer and a celebration of the family. Chris Altieri reports from Philadelphia.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis speaks to participants at the Vigil for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia

Pope thanks families for witnessing to truth, goodness and beauty

27/09/2015 03:09

Pope Francis on Saturday thanked all families who bear witness to the beauty of family life. The Holy Father was speaking in Philadelphia at a Prayer Vigil for the 8th World Meeting of Families taking place at the city’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway.


Independence Hall

Crouds cheer as Pope Francis arrives in front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall on Saturday

With the Pope at Philadelphia's Independence Mall

27/09/2015 01:37

One of the scores of thousands of pilgrim participants in the Festival of Families rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia on Saturday was Clara Dorfman, a senior at the University of Pittsburgh.


Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility

Philadelphia's Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, where Pope Francis will meet with inmates and prison staff

Pope's Philadelphia visit puts focus on prisoners and homeless

26/09/2015 23:50

The founder of The Simple Way ecumenical community in Philadelphia speaks about the Pope's visit to the city's high-security prison and about fund raising efforts to provide housing for the homeless

Pope Francis arrives at Independence Mall

Pope Francis arrives at Independence Mall in Philadelphia

Pope Francis stresses vital role of religious freedom

26/09/2015 22:55

Speaking in Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park, Pope Francis told representatives of the country’s immigrant community that religious freedom is “an essential part of the American spirit”