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Sri Lanka and Philippines

Pope Francis in Manila

Pope Francis in Manila

Pope Francis to youth: Don't lose your integrity, don't compromise ideals

18/01/2015 05:29

Pope Francis on Sunday met with young people at the University of Saint Thomas in Manila. He told them,to love means to take a risk: the risk of rejection, the risk of being taken advantage of, or worse, of taking advantage of another.  But he added "Do not be afraid to love!"  


Cardinal Tagle

Filipino Cardinal Louis Antonio Tagle

Cardinal Tagle on Pope's moving meeting with typhoon survivors

17/01/2015 16:56

At the conclusion of Pope Francis’s dramatic day in the central Filipino cities of Tacloban and Palo, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle shares thoughts on how the meeting with survivors of Typhoon Yolanda has made a deep impression on the Pope.

The faithful pray during the Pope's Mass in Tacloban with survivors of the 2013 typhoon

The faithful pray during the Pope's Mass in Tacloban with survivors of the 2013 typhoon

Lombardi: Tacloban most intense moment of Pope's journey

17/01/2015 15:52

Speaking after today’s intense experience in Tacloban during which bad weather forced organizers to cut short the Pope’s schedule, Father Lombardi said Francis' encounter with survivors of the 2013 Typhoon represents one of the highlights of his Asian journey.

Pope Francis in Tecloban, Philippines

Pope Francis in Tecloban, Philippines

'Vatican Weekend' for January 17, 2015: Pope Francis in Asia

17/01/2015 14:45

(Vatican Radio) 'Vatican Weekend' for January 17, 2015 features special coverage of the Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to Asia from the12th to the 19th of January. This seventh  Apostolic journey of Pope Francis abroad took him to Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Bishop Oscar Solis

Bishop Oscar Solis speaks with Sean-Patrick Lovett in Manila

Assets of Filipinos are faith, family and community spirit

17/01/2015 14:17

Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, California, Oscar Solis, the first Filipino bishop to be ordained in the United States, shares insights about the large community of his countrymen and women living and working in America today.

Pope Francis in Manila Cathedral

Pope Francis captured on camera in Manila Cathedral

Francis fever takes Filipino media by storm

17/01/2015 11:36

As Pope Francis prepares for the final day of pastoral visit to the Philippines on Sunday, our correspondent in Manila and head of Vatican Radio’s English Section, Sean-Patrick Lovett, looks at the way the local papers are covering the papal visit