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Pope Francis meets with Albanian Prime Minister

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis met on Thursday with the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and his wife in the library of the Apostolic Palace. According to a statement from the Holy See press office, the two men discussed relations between church and state in Albania, as well as dialogue between the different faith communities and the contribution Catholics can make to the common good of the former Communist country.

Catholics number just over ten percent of the population in the predominantly Muslim nation, with the Orthodox Church making up the third largest religious community. During the meeting the Pope and the Prime Minister also spoke about issues facing the Balkan region and about Albania’s progress towards integration in the European Union

At the end of the 20 minute meeting Pope  ...»


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Blessed John XXIII and his speech of the moon

(Vatican Radio) Veronica Scarisbrick brings you echoes from the era of the pontificate of Blessed John XXIII, the twentieth century Pope to inaugurate a less formal way of public speaking than was the custom at the time.

The story begins fifty years ago on the 11thof October 1962, at the end of the day marking the opening of the Second Vatican Council when John XXIII appeared at the window of the  ...»

Canonization: Fr Lombardi briefing on numbers of official delegations and other details

(Vatican Radio) The Director of the Holy See’s press office, Father Federico Lombardi gave another briefing on Thursday to journalists where he gave details about official delegations scheduled to attend both the prayer vigil on Saturday night and the canonization Mass on Sunday morning.

Father Lombardi told journalists that over 90 official delegations from various countries plus 24 heads of  ...»

John Paul II : the pope from a far away country

(Vatican Radio) What exactly did Pope John Paul II mean when upon his election he told the crowds he came from a far away country? That's what he himself tells us in the last book of his pontificate "Memory and Identity, Conversations at the Dawn of the Millennium .."
And again what happened exactly on that day in Poland's Warsaw's Victory Square on June 2, 1979? That's what the man who  ...»

Pope to celebrate thanksgiving Mass for new Jesuit Saint

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis will this evening celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving for the Canonization of Jesuit priest Josè de Anchieta at the Church of St Ignatius of Loyola here in Rome.

He was proclaimed a Saint by the Holy Father on the 3rd of April.
Fr Anchieta, who is commonly known as the “Apostle of Brazil” was a priest in the 16thcentury and is Brazil's third saint. He has also been  ...»

Fr Lombardi responds to reports of Pope's call to Argentinian woman

(Vatican Radio) The director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi, has responded to widespread media reports about an Argentinian woman who says that Pope Francis called to tell her she could take Communion, even though her husband is divorced and they have not been married in church.

News stories earlier this week ran conflicting reports about the woman, Jacquelina Lisbona, who had  ...»

Dialogue Council releases Message to Buddhists

(Vatican Radio) The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue released a Message on Thursday, addressed to Buddhists as they prepare to mark the feast of Vesakh, which recalls the "enlightenment" of prince Siddhartha Gautama, founder of the religion. The theme of the Message is Buddhists and Christians: together fostering fraternity. Below, please find the official English text of the  ...»

Logistical facts and figures released ahead of weekend canonisation

(Vatican Radio) No one is quite sure just how many pilgrims will be arriving in Rome for this weekend’s canonisation of the two popes, John XXIII and John Paul II. But at a briefing on Wednesday morning, officials from the Diocese of Rome, the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi and Rome's City Council provided some logistical facts and figures on how the Eternal City is gearing up to host the huge  ...»

Blessed John Paul II: conversation with a childhood friend

(Vatican Radio) Veronica Scarisbrick brings you an archive interview with a childhood friend of Karol Wojtyla's, the late Jerzy Kluger.

Listen: RealAudioMP3

In this interview Kluger tells of how he and the future pope, then nicknamed Lolek, grew up together in their Polish hometown of Wadowice. He describes a young Wojtyla who was popular among his peer group, successful in terms of scholastic achievement and  ...»

Pius XII to John XXIII: a change in style

(Vatican Radio) Veronica Scarisbrick brings you an archive interview with Father Martin Nolan, one time Prior General of the Augustinian Order, who was in Saint Peter’s Square when Cardinal Angelo Roncalli was elected to the See of Peter on the 28th of October 1958.

Listen: RealAudioMP3

A moment, Father Martin Nolan recalls, which left many including himself baffled as they'd never heard of him before. It  ...»

John Paul II as an example in one life of faith

(Vatican Radio) One of the people who will be attending the canonization ceremony of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II is Kishore Jayabalan. His life of faith was strongly connected with the Blessed John Paul II. He was baptized by the Pope at the Easter Vigil in 1996. He then worked for the Holy See, both at the offices of the Permanent Observer to the United Nations in New York and at the  ...»

(Vatican Radio ) I'm sure you remember John Paul II's invitation to us not to be afraid . Certainly he himself was not afraid to stand up to the trials of life in defense of others, neither as Pope nor as priest back in Poland.

As you'll discover in a programme presented and produced by Veronica Scarisbrick no one ever doubted the courage of Pope John Paul, certainly not his closest advisors. ...»

(Vatican Radio) - Cardinal Loris Capovilla was for many years the personal secretary of John XXIII and recently wrote how this twentieth century Pope rather than arouse in us feelings of nostalgia should encourage us to look towards the future..

Fabio Colagrande asked him what he meant by that comment. The cardinal replied that as Pope John once said we are not called to be custodians of a shrine, ...»

Canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II The Pope's Homily The Joy of the Gospel
Custos responds to Palestinian groups' reconciliation deal

(Vatican Radio) Rival Palestinian factions reached a reconciliation agreement on Wednesday. Representatives of the Hamas group and the Fatah party of ...»

US Vice President in Ukraine

(Vatican Radio) U.S Vice President Joe Biden has warned Russia to end what he called the illegal occupation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula as the ...»

Syria: rebels resist in Homs, Christians commemorate abductions

(Vatican Radio) Syrian rebels are making their last desperate stand in the city of Homs, as government forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad make ...»

US Vice President heads to Ukraine

UKRAINE (Vatican Radio)-- American Vice President Joe Biden has begun a two-day visit to Ukraine following Sunday's deadly shootout in the east that ...»

Easter in Nigeria: Boko Haram will not have the final word

(Vatican Radio) “Easter tells us that all hope is not lost, we in northern Nigeria cannot let Boko Haram have the final word, it tells us that there ...»

In this week's edition of There's More in the Gospel than Meets the Eye, Jill Bevilacqua brings us readings and reflections for the Gospel of the Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday. Listen: RealAudioMP3

Gospel Jn 20:19-31

On the evening of that first ...»

(Vatican Radio) Curiously when Pope Francis canonises Blessed John Paul II on Sunday he'll also be canonising a man who was beatified by this very pope, John XXIII !

Veronica Scarisbrick brings you the words of Blessed John Paul II on the occasion ...»

(Vatican Radio) After the subdued tone of our Passiontide hymns, it's now time to burst forth in songs of joy says our music historian Monsignor Philip Whitmore as he presents this musical meditation focusing on the first of the Glorious Mysteries. ...»

(Vatican Radio) - We bring you a reflection for Easter Saturday presented by Monsignor Peter Fleetwood.

In this brief reflection Monsignor Peter Fleetwood explains how the only time apart from occasional phrases in gospel readings that hell is ...»

(Vatican Radio) Age old hymns are among the most glorious things in the world says our popular 'Latin Lover', Carmelite Father Reginald Foster as he bursts into song and explains the Latin of a hymn he deems eternal.

Father Foster who served as ...»

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