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Intervention of Mons. Louis SAKO, Archbishop of Kerkuk of the Chaldeans, Patriarchal Administrator of Sulaimaniya of the Chaldeans (IRAQ)

Liturgical reformation based upon sacred scripture, but also the patristics and pastoral demands of today. Otherwise our faithful will go looking for other churches as has already happened in some cases. The development of leaders must be a priority. At times, churches are in need of staff, and it is the duty of the universal church to assist in the preparation of a clergy which is up to the tasks of its mission.
The relationship between the different churches in every country in the Middle East and the relationship with the Holy See as well. How to live, at the same time, in communion in the particularity? We will remain divided if we continue to look at the past and we do not seek to find, rather, that which today might unite us. The Eastern Churches make up part of the universal church and any study undertaken by the universal Church must also take into consideration the situations of the particular churches. At times we are disappointed.
A serious commitment to dialogue with Muslims. Without dialogue with them there will be no peace nor stability. Together we can do away with wars and all forms of violence. We must join our voices in denouncing together this great business of the arms trade. A genuine threat of war in our region, where Pope John Paul II’s words were tragically fulfilled: “War is an adventure with no return”. Without dialogue and a true and concrete commitment there will not be peace.
The fatal exodus afflicting our churches cannot be avoided, emigration is the biggest challenge which threatens our presence. The data is worrying. The Eastern Churches, and even the universal Church, must take on their responsibilities and with the international community and local authorities find common choices which respect the dignity of the human person. Choices which are based on equality and full citizenship, with efforts towards partnership and protection. The strength of a state must be based upon its credibility in the application of its laws at the service of its citizens, without discrimination between the majority and the minority. We want to live in peace and freedom instead of merely surviving.
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