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Intervention of Mons. Raphaël François MINASSIAN, Patriarchal Exarch of the Armenian Patriarchate of Cilicia (JERUSALEM)

Communion is not a friendly social relationship, but it is rather the dedication of oneself for the good of one’s brother. This is the teaching of Jesus.
The local Church of the Holy Land in Jerusalem is aware of the acute problems of a socio-political nature faced by Christians in the Middle East, and has faith in the imperative importance of the media that can play a positive role in proposing solutions.
The technique of the mass media consists of the use of sound, image and text as means of communication that leads us to a “communicative” solution that is based on the unity of the Catholic Churches in the East. An ideal unity for a Christian testimony that facilitates communion and collaboration without damaging the identities of the various Christian Catholic Churches and without eroding their traditional culture.
The Catholic Church in the Middle East has remained faithful to the apostolic tradition that consisted of preaching, visiting and writing. Collaboration in the field of the mass media is still weak among the Catholics of the Middle East because of the differences between cultures and ecclesiastical traditions.
Recently the use of the mass media and means of social communication has become more frequent but at the level and on the initiative of single individuals. These means, despite the rapid progress in the world of the media, are still at a primitive level as a result of a lack of economic resources and therefore of professionalism.
The mass media can play an important role and be one of the most suitable means for creating a real communion between the various Catholic Churches, starting from an effective collaboration between them in such a way that the mass media might truly become a place of witness to Jesus and Christian values.

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