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Intervention of Rev. F. Ab. Semaan ABOU ABDOU, Superior General of the Mariamite Maronite Order (USG)

The reasons for emigration are political and ecumenical to which have also to be added security and stability issues. And that will influence the social aspect. Everything depends on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Holy Land, the social situation in Iraq and the political instability in Lebanon. Often the main victims of all these are the Christians.
The most important thing is to work to establish peace and democracy and focus on citizenship with all its obligations and all its guaranteed rights.
To keep Christians in their homelands is the task of ecclesial factors and politicians in the Arabic world. What unites us, Christians and Muslims, is the following:
1 - the family: bearer and defender of values and because it is the first cell of society and the Church. The future depends on it and therefore we have to work to activate its role and to protect life in it.
2 - The character of the Virgin Mary is mentioned in the Bible and in the Koran. God chose her above all the women in the world. She is the woman of reconciliation and unity. She is the Queen of Peace. And in Lebanon they started to celebrate a common feast for all Lebanese people on the 25th of March which is the feast of the Annunciation.
3 - The human, national and religious values are the basis for dialogue and recognition of others.
4 - Educational effort has to be made in the schools and universities to educate the generations of the future in democracy, non-violence, and the establishment of the culture of peace.
Finally, we need in this Synod to offer the call of heroes, of holiness and the saints, and to offer for our societies a Christian witness that is joyful and attractive.

[00051-02.03] [IN029] [Original text: Arabic]


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