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Intervention of Rev. Sister Marie-Antoinette SAADÉ, Member of the Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family; Responsible for training and apprenticeship (LEBANON), auditor

Given the scale and diversity of our multiple problems, I would like to reiterate a practical proposal on the pastoral family, which already exists, as, in my opinion, it is possible and it is in our means whereas many others are not: Working together as Churches of the Middle East on what consists of a social fabric that is disintegrating: Family, primary and fundamental cell of the domestic Church and social fabric . We observe today an increase in dislocated couples, families torn apart and the ecclesiastic courts testify to this.
It is true that the question of the family occupies and worries the Church and yet we often feel helpless in the face of such suffering. If we work together as churches, to take care of the family in all its dimensions, it seems to me that we could prevent much misery in our societies. Thinking together about a pastoral family, a simple pastoral, and intelligent and effective contribution towards all the other pastorals: that of vocations, the young, the sick, the disabled, the elderly, the sacraments, of Christian life itself.
In order to recover the disintegrating families, why not create together a shelter for couples with staff and pastoral workers skilled in knowing how to listen to couples in difficulty; staff who offer presence, listening, advice and support before they have to come to court. Because prevention is better than cure.To offer some advice to parents, sometimes basic, but so needed, about the education of their children as the challenges they face are so huge that they feel powerless so they become resigned and therefore damage can only be multiplied.
Encouraging young people to enter wider Christian movements, whether sporting, cultural or spiritual, as long as we have prepared capable and prudent educators. This is the best prevention against the temptations of drugs and other harmful addictions.
Caring for the awakening of faith in the family as the privileged place where the child learns to recognize their identity and grow by developing their talents and abilities, human and divine. Because faith is acquired the mother's lap. This is where the first catechesis is the most effective and most lasting.
Give the woman her true and rightful place. Should the Church not be at the leading edge in this area, given the practices in some Muslim communities where women are beaten, imprisoned, violated, abused, without rights, treated as domestic slaves? This indeed would be true witness. Repairing social fabric together, by promoting the human person at the heart of the family and starting from there, seems to me to be urgent and effective pastoral care.

[00186-02.05] [UD027] [Original text: French]


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