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Pope's Sunday Angelus

(Vatican Radio) Pope Benedict XVI prayed the Angelus with pilgrims and tourists gathered in the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace in Castel Gandolfo, where the Holy Father is spending the Summer months. Listen to our report: RealAudioMP3

In remarks ahead of the prayer, the Pope discussed God’s Law, which was a main focus of the Sunday readings. "God’s Law," said Pope Benedict, "is His Word, which guides man on the path of life, releases him from the slavery of selfishness and introduces him to the ‘land’ of true freedom and life." The Holy Father went on to say, "For this reason, in the Bible the Law is not seen as a burden, an overwhelming limitation, but as the Lord’s most precious gift, the testimony of His fatherly love, of His desire to be close to His people, to be their ally and write with His people a love story."

After the Angelus, Pope Benedict greeted pilgrims in many languages, including English:

I greet all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present for this Angelus. The Gospel of today’s liturgy spurs all of us to a greater harmony between the faith we treasure in our hearts and our outward behaviour. By God’s grace, may we be purified inside and out, so as to live integrally our commitment to Christ and to his message. God bless all of you!