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Maryknoll priest on reconciliation in North, South Korea

(Vatican Radio) Throughout the year of faith the Church reflects upon the work being done by missionary orders committed to spreading the Gospel both at home and abroad.

Maryknoll is a movement which focuses on foreign missionary activity, with missions in nearly 30 countries throughout the world.

Missionaries for Maryknoll are committed proclaiming of the Gospel, as well as promoting interreligious dialogue and reconciliation among peoples.

Father Gerard Hammond is a Maryknoll priest who has served as a missionary in South Korea since 1960.

Amid efforts to bring about the unification of North and South Korea, Father Hammond spoke with Vatican Radio about the importance of reconciliation in these two countries.

“Before unification,” he said, “there must be reconciliation between the north and the south.”

“No one wants to have a war again between the north and the south,” he continued. There must therefore “be peace on the peninsula before there can be reunification.”

Listen to Vatican Radio’s report here: RealAudioMP3