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Ecumenism Manual: a new hands-on guide to Christian Unity

(Vatican Radio) During the annual week of prayer for Christian Unity, taking place from January 18th to 25th, local churches here in Rome are holding daily events for shared worship, reflection and study, culminating in Vespers on Friday with Pope Benedict in the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls.
Among the main promoters of the ecumenical agenda – this week, but throughout the rest of the year as well – is the Centro Pro Unione, a research, formation and dialogue centre founded in the wake of the Second Vatican Council by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement.
The associate director of the Centre is Teresa Francesca Rossi, a professor of ecumenism at the ‘Angelicum’ or Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas. She spoke with Philippa Hitchen about her recently published, Manual of Ecumenism, complete with CD ROM, offering a hands-on guide to the journey towards full Christian Unity…

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"Strange as it may seem, the project started over a cup of coffee at the Centro Pro Unione.........the book can be read on two different levels, both basic and advanced....there are modules on method, spirituality, history and systematics, plus reflections, material for ecumenical laboratories....

The CD Rom is an instrument which we hope can be used with younger people.....they know about ecumenism and like the word but don't know the story behind it......

I would say this week of prayer is still urgent but on a different level....we have reached the critical phase of the goal getting closer but we now need to go more in depth..."