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Facebook reaction to Pope Benedict XVI plan to resign papacy

(Vatican Radio) The reaction on Vatican Radio’s Facebook page (www. facebook. com/VaticanRadioEnglish) to the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI intends to resign on February 28th has been one of shock. One of the first comments to the announcement was “Hacked??” After the news began to be confirmed by the world’s media, the comments turned to prayer (“May God Bless you always Pope Benedict XVI. :)”; “Praying for the pope.”; “May the lord protect you Holy father for the good work you have done”; “Will Pray for Pope Benedict and his successor”. Several posters just wrote the word “sad”.
One comment read “I am heartbroken at the news. I looked up to Pope Benedict as a spiritual father, and his witness to Christ made me the man I am today.”

Another person sympathised with the Pope’s stated reasons for resigning: “I watched a documentary of "A Day In The Life Of Pope Benedict” and it was a very busy schedule for someone his age . Much more busier than most of us, so maybe he needs a little time to himself, God Bless Him!”

One listener from Brazil wrote: “I was sad, but God knows what he does. Despite the Pope's decision, we are at your side and support their decisions. It should not be easy to resign was certainly a difficult decision. We are with him and praying for him. Need a very loving church to do what he did. We love the pope in the same way!! Whether he was the first to resign from Gregory XII. He resigned for love, recognizing that no longer had the strength. May God bless you and enlighten you always!! We love you, Pope Benedict!! We are with you until the end!! A big brotherly hug from Brazil!”

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