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Sharing faith experiences - Bp. Clement Tirkey

Welcome to our special program on the Year of Faith, THE FAITHFUL WITNESS, a series on the lives of Inspiring People and Witnesses of faith in the Catholic Church from around the world. These are people who lived their ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. They are examples of great fortitude and virtue. Their unique stories inspire us to be rooted in our faith. God calls each one of us today to inspire our brothers and sisters and to be witnesses of our faith.
The Faithful Witness of this week is Bishop Clement Tirkey. He is the bishop of Jalpaiguri diocese in the Northern part of India. As a priest and as a bishop living and working among the poor people in the tea gardens, he faced many challenges in his life and mission.
Our Faithful Witness of today, Bishop Clement Tirkey shares with us his faith experiences and the challenges he faced in his life and mission. Bishop Tirkey spoke all the questions listed below.
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    Tell us briefly about your diocese.
    How many mission stations and parishes do you have in your diocese?
    What are your major concerns or challenges?
    Pope Benedict XVI said sometime back that two major challenges for pastors today is pastoral care and preaching of the gospel. what do you say?
    There is a general perception that youth are away from the church today. Is it true in your diocese?
    As a priest and a bishop, what is your personal experience in sharing your faith with people?
    What is your message to the Catholics in this year of faith?

Thank you bishop. That was Bishop Clement Tirkey, bishop of Jalpaiguri diocese, India sharing his faith experiences.
You have been listening to THE FAITHFUL WITNESS our weekly series based on the lives of Inspiring People and Witnesses of faith in the Catholic Church from around the world. If you have a faith experience to share with us, let us know. Visit our website By P.J. Joseph SJ
FRIDAY, 05 April 2013