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Christian relief group launches $500 million 'rescue mission'

22 April, 2013 - Evangelical Christian humanitarian group World Vision has launched a $500 million initiative to help 10 million poor children globally with water, health services and child protection, at a time when foreign aid continues to be threatened by government cuts and sequestration. Under a sequestration cut of five percent, non-profit organizations estimate there will be 1.1 million fewer mosquito nets distributed, resulting in approximately 3,000 more malaria deaths; 303,000 fewer people will have access to clean water and improved sanitation; and two million fewer people will have either reduced access to food aid or be cut off altogether, warns the organization, which aims to raise $500 million by the end of 2015 through its "For Every Child" fundraising campaign. World Vision president, Richard Stearns noted what they are doing now is not a fundraising campaign but a rescue mission for the children they help and also for the donors who step up to say this is worth the fight. The World Vision initiative will focus on clean water, fighting against communicable diseases like malaria, providing loans so families can get a hand out of poverty, protecting children from trafficking, and support and partnering with local churches. Foreign aid funding cuts will also have a bearing on private donations. (Source: UCAN)