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Tensions remain between Venezuela, US

The ememity between Washington and Caracas, which has transcended the era of Hugo Chavez, continues, as Nicolas Maduro's Presidency starts.

UNASUR- the Union of South American Nations, is holding an emergency meeting in Lima, Peru on Thursday, to discuss the ongoing situation in Venezuela. In spite of its concern, UNASUR members: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, have already recognized the narrow victory of Nicolas Maduro. The United States has NOT. Secretary of State John Kerry has told the House Foreign Affairs Committee, that if there are huge irregulatities, there will be serious questions about the validity of the Maduro Administration.

President Nicolas Maduro, who's often referred to himself as Hugo Chavez's son retorted: "We don't care about your recognition."

The 1.8 percent margin of victory adding up to just 270,000 votes is the bone of contention. Venezuela's Electoral Council is taking a month to investigate 46 percent of the vote, although it's stressing the ORIGINAL RESULT stands.

If serious irregularities are discovered, it'll cause credibility problems for Maduro, who insists he wants to be a strong President.

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