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Card. Turkson on "Roots and Routes of Justice Ministry in Africa"

(Vatican Radio) With a call to bring justice ministry to the center of Christian life, Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, joins celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network.

The Cardinal, who celebrates Mass for the occasion, focuses his homily on the Church’s evangelizing mission and on its ministries of reconciliation justice and peace.

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The Mass on May 28th in Rome is just one of a series of events taking place to mark the 25th anniversary of the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network.

Since 1988 the international Faith-based Network, mandated by 44 catholic, religious and missionary Institutes working in Africa and Europe, aims to promote equitable economic relations between the two continents so that the poor of Africa may look forward to a better future.

An international secretariat based in Brussels, co-ordinates the activities of the network.

Groups of religious in African and European countries, the so-called AEFJN antennae, create awareness among Christians and religious, do advocacy and lobby towards the national governments, on issues relevant to Africa.

They are present both in Europe - analysing the impact of EU policies on Africa - and on the African continent where they share the life and worries of the people.

As AEFJN celebrates its silver jubilee, it hopes to renew the strength of its presence in Africa with the mission to go forth and to bring hope to African people.

The closing of the celebrations are scheduled for November in Rome when the Network will hold its General Assembly.

For further information on the celebrations and for the full text of Cardinal Turkson's full discourse, go to the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network webpage at