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Pope urges keeping hearts and eyes on true treasure

21 June, 2013 – We must leave behind “hazardous treasures’ that seduce, that we accumulate in life and that is destroyed by death. “I have never seen a moving van behind a funeral procession,” Pope Francis said at a Mass he celebrated Friday morning at the Casa Santa Marta residence in the Vatican. He was reflecting on the day’s Gospel about Jesus differentiating between the earthly and heavenly treasures. The Pope said there is a treasure that we can carry with us, a treasure that no one can rob, which is not what we have saved for ourselves self, but which we have given to others. And this will be our “reward”; it is Jesus Christ who is our reward. Love, charity, service, patience, goodness and tenderness are beautiful treasures that we carry; nothing else. The Lord has made us restless to seek Him, to find him and to grow. Pope Francis also spoke about eyes as a symbol of the intention of the heart that reflects on the body. A heart that loves make the body luminous, whereas an evil heart makes it dark. A heart of stone attached to the earthly treasure is a selfish treasure that can become a cause of hatred and war. The Pope thus urged all to ask God for a heart that knows how to love that is not led astray by useless treasures.