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Card. Turkson to join memorial for the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Vatican City, 03 August 2013: Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace is scheduled to visit Japan from August 5 to 9 on the occasion of the commemoration of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which occurred in 1945, a communique from the Pontifical Council revealed on Friday.

Cardinal Turkson’s visit will fit in the initiative "Ten Days for Peace" promoted by the Bishops' Conference of Japan, between 6 and 15 August, in memory of the victims of the atomic bombs.

He will preside at the Mass for Peace at the Cathedral of the Hiroshima city on 5th August, while the next day on 6th August, he will take part in an interfaith meeting - along with Buddhist, Shinto and Protestants - and deliver an address focused on mutual cooperation in the construction of world peace.

Wednesday, August 7, Card. Turkson will move to Nagasaki to attend a dinner sponsored by the Center for interfaith dialogue on world peace. The next day, in an interfaith memorial service held at the Ground-Zero Park in the city, the president of the Vatican's Justice and Peace will recite a prayer for all the victims, with a special remembrance for all those who are not dead, but still suffer from the effects of radioactivity.

Finally, on August 9, also in Nagasaki, the cardinal will preside at the Mass for peace in the world. When Blessed Pope John Paul II visited Hiroshima in Japan, he announced his Peace Appeal to the world. Responding to this appeal, Japanese bishops have been offering prayers and holding lectures and pilgrimages in each diocese to promote peace.

The Japanese Bishops' Conference had issued on last June a message on the event "Ten Days for Peace" and focused on 50the anniversary of "Pacem in Terris", the encyclical signed by John XXIII in 1963.
Source: VR Sedoc