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Mankind dominant cause of global warming says IPCC report

(Vatican Radio)Top climate experts are blaming mankind more than ever as the main cause of global warming. That is the conclusion of a major report, by the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the state of the world’s climate.
The final document was approved at the end of a week-long meeting in Stockholm and released Friday.
The report also says that a recent slowdown in the rate of global warming is unlikely to last and shows that there will be even more heatwaves, droughts, floods and a creeping rise in sea levels unless urgent action is taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Almost 200 governments have agreed to work out a U.N. deal by the end of 2015 to combat global warming, partly by shifting from fossil fuels towards renewable energies.
UK based aid organisation, Christian Aid is calling on governments to heed the warnings of the IPCC report. “In the future to really stop climate change we need to start fundamentally challenging that fossil fuel base that our economy is on and that’s where the political impasse has come and we really need the politicians in the next year or two to grasp that by the nettle, just really make decisions to transform how we get our energy”, says the organisation’s Senior Climate Change Advisor, Dr Alison Doig.
She also says that the Christian community has a role to play in the debate, “there’s a real moral issue I think in terms of, what they (Christian Churches) can bring forward in this debate.” Listen to Lydia O’Kane’s interview with Alison Doig RealAudioMP3