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Philippines Quake: Bishop describes scene after touring worst affected area

(Vatican Radio) Catholic bishops in the Philippines are calling for prayers for those affected by Tuesday’s earthquake that killed scores of people and destroyed many buildings. The quake has also destroyed or severely damaged at least 7 historic churches including one of the country’s oldest churches in Bohol diocese. Leonardo Medroso is the bishop of Tagbilaran in Bohol. He told Susy Hodges what he saw when he toured one of the worst affected areas.

Listen to the full report with Bishop Leonardo Medroso: RealAudioMP3

Bishop Medroso says “the damage is enormous” and spoke of his sorrow at seeing many national heritage churches reduced to piles of rubble by the quake, alongside the damage caused to homes and the deaths of scores of people. Asked about the mood of the people in the quake-stricken areas, the bishop said many of the local population are still in a state of shock with thousands of people too frightened to return inside their homes. Many, he said, are eating and camping outside in the squares and open spaces as after-shocks continue to shake the area.